About Us

"We are Kara and Kevin Payne. Our personal food journey started in 2012 when both of us were not happy with the status quo. For Kevin this meant looking forward to a cocktail of meds for high blood pressure and high cholesterol. For Kara, constant bouts of IBS. Our research led us to question whether or not "you are what you eat" really held true. After trying Paleo for 30 days we were hooked. Both of us were feeling better and test results confirmed what we were feeling and we haven't looked back since.

Our family loves to snack, whether it's while we're on the go or after school/work. The cupboards are constantly open with someone peering in them. Factor this in with our desire to become entrepreneurs, and Honest Body announcing their granola recipe was for sale, and we jumped at the chance to merge all three.

Here we are now, the proud owners of Sun Krunch. We're here to provide you with the same awesome granola flavors, made with the same great care you're used to from Honest Body, as you continue in your own food journey."
We live in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago with our children Ellie, Rhys, and Nora.